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Benefit Together

About Us

Benefit Together Welcomes Y-O-U

If you are tired of paying full price for your health care needs and would like to receive significant cash savings to spend on your family or yourself…Welcome to Benefit Together, America’s premier health care discount plan.

At Benefit Together, ALL WE DO IS SAVE YOU! We save you MONEY. We save you TIME. We save you the HASSLE of trying to negotiate savings on your own.

Say GOOD-BYE to paying full price and HELLO to Benefit Together…where All We Do Is Save YOU!

Who We Are

Benefit Together is a nationally prominent firm that was formed by a group of health care experts who have over 50 years of experience in some of the most prestigious Fortune 500 companies in America.

Why We Exist

Benefit Together was founded to help people save money on their health care needs and costs.

How We Do It

We entered into agreements with the largest and best-in-class service providers in the United States using group purchasing power principles to get the lowest pricing possible for our members. We “bundle” these discount “together” and package them into the four value-rich plans that we offer our members depending on their needs. Ultimately, this enables us to deliver amazing cash savings to our Benefit Together members and their families.

Where You Can Use It

Members and their dependents can use the discount card with service providers that have contracts in the various health networks across the United States. In order to find out who the active providers are for: dental, vision, chiropractic and alternative medicine, pet care, prescription drugs, vitamins and supplements, and hearing , click on the provider links below:

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