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Members and eligible dependents have access to My Personal Counselor, a con”dential telephonic counseling and referral service*. American Behavioral is a national network of professional behavioral healthcare providers that are licensed and credentialed in their area of expertise.
Your counselor will help you identify problems and assist in working through them. The counselor can also determine the best alternatives and, if necessary, make appropriate referrals to other professionals that specialize in your area of concern.

This service offers help in the following areas:

Marital and Family
Alcohol and Other Drug Dependency
Stress and Anxiety-Related Issues
Emotional Problems

Additional services include:

Web-Based Services: Personal Advantage web site contains over 20,000 resources on topics such as emotional well-being, family life, health, “nancial, legal, personal growth and stress in both English and Spanish versions. There are healt h risk assessments available that provide individualized reports with suggestions for improvement as well as a variety of professional skill development courses such as Communication or Supervisory Skills Training.

Community Resources: Many times, members may need a support group for issues such as divorce, cancer, grief, autism and alcohol or drug dependency. My Personal Counselor can help you find what you are looking for.

*3 one-half hour counseling sessions available per household each year.

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