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Q How much can I save with Benefit Together?
The amount of savings is substantial. Typical savings are in the range of 15% to 50%, but some can be higher. Savings can vary depending on the type of service you need. You can see more about savings on our website at under the Provider Partners tab where you can see information on each type of provider discount – dental, vision, hearing, etc. Member Services (800)290-5023 can help you with details on each providers specific discounts.

Don’t forget that you also get discounts on things you might use every day or week, such as vitamins, medical or diabetic supplies, prescriptions, and even pet services and supplies.

Q How much are Plans — how much does it cost?
 The core services, which we call The Essential plan are $19.95 a month for you and your immediate family, including children that may be away at college. This plan doesn’t include the legal services or LifeLock identity theft protection

  • The plan with legal assistance is called The Supreme, and it is $22.95 a month, and includes all the core services too.
  • For Identify theft protection we offer The Extreme Plan with LifeLock for $24.95 a month, including all the core services, but not the legal assistance. Please be aware that LifeLock only covers the main member, not all family members
  • our Ultimate plan includes all core services plus both Legal assistance and LifeLock for $27.95 a month

Q What if I just want Legal assistance or LifeLock?
We’re sorry, but we cannot offer those separately. We can’t use our volume pricing if we offer these services alone.

Q Do I have to pay more for my family to join?
No!  One of the great features of our discount plans is that your entire household can receive the discounts, even children living at college!

Q Where can I find more detail on the plans and/or on savings through the plans? 
You can go to the Benefit Together website at and find more information on all the plans and providers.

Q Does Benefit Together still save me money if I have insurance?
Absolutely! Benefit Together includes a wide range of services, many outside the scope of traditional insurance.  If your employer no longer offers Dental or Vision care, Benefit Together can save you money on those services. Chiropractic and alternative medicine (for instance, acupuncture) is often not included by insurance, but Benefit Together provides significant discounts for those services.  Even if you have Dental insurance, for example, there may be services that are not included such as dental implants, for which you can receive a significant discount through Benefit Together.  You may be able to use your card for prescription drugs not included by your insurance.   You can save on vitamins and supplements, medical and diabetic supplies, hearing services and hearing aids, and even care for your family pet.  Please remember that the Benefit Together discount plans are not insurance and may offer discounts on many services not included in traditional insurance plans.

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