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CallMD is a national network of medical doctors available for consultation and may write a prescription for a non-narcotic or non-controlled medication at any time day or night. CallMD is staffed with registered nurses to speak to members regarding their medical needs and to arrange consultations with CallMD doctors 24 hours per day/7 days per week at no charge up to 12 calls per year. All additional calls are at a reduced rate of $35.00 per call.

Call MD’s Services

1. FileMD: A personal health profile accessible via a secure line over the internet. When a member contacts the Physician Access Hotline for the first time, a registered nurse asks the member to provide a full medical history. This history is stored via FileMD, which is HIPAA-compliant, and creates an Electronic Medical Record. This gives members the convenience of releasing medical data, updating information, and storing documents (eg. Insurance Cards, Consent Forms, Power of Attorneys, Living Wills, etc.)

2. Family Keys: A personal data organizer software program that allows the member to conveniently organize, record, and store financial, health and other vital personal information without compromising privacy. This program downloads onto the member’s computer in a “notebook” user-friendly format for easy access and updates. Member can store data such as family health records (immunizations, surgeries, genealogy, etc), which help with the transition of a new doctor or updating your current doctors records. Another feature of Family keys is the financial tool. Members can organize financial services accounts, insurance policies, retirement accounts, and includes a financial calculator to amortize mortgages, personal loans, interest rates, etc.

Call MD’s Advantages

  • Save Money
  • Save Time – Avoid Unnecessary Doctor’s Visits
  • Convenient – Available 24 Hours a Day, By Phone
  • Get Results – Get Your Prescription Over The Phone

* You will not be able to access CallMD services until you join Benefit Together.

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