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Related Definitions:

Provider — Means dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, hearing centers, laboratories, imaging centers, and all the other people or organizations that supply healthcare services to Benefit Together’s members.

Participating Providers — Providers who have signed contracts and are part of the networks of discount providers that Benefit Together makes available to its members.

Networks — Large, usually national groups of participating providers that have contracted to provide services at discounted prices.

Co-Pays —The amount that people with insurance pay directly to their doctors, dentists, and other providers when they visit them. Benefit Together’s discount health plans DO NOT have any co-pay requirements. Instead, Members pay the provider in full at the discounted rate at the time of service.

Eligibility — Refers to whether a member has signed up with the plan and has been listed as a member for the providers. Providers typically check with Benefit Together’s plan administrator to verify that someone saying they are a member is in fact signed up and eligible.

Q How does a discount plan work?
Saving money on health care expenses is easy. First, you can find participating providers by using the “Find Provider” links on The Discount Plans page of our website ( or by calling Member Services at (800) 290-0523. After confirming the provider’s continued participation when making an appointment, members just show their membership card at the time of service. Members are responsible for paying all fees directly to the provider, and receive discounts at the time of payment. 

Q What can I expect to happen after I sign up?  How soon can I use my new Benefit Together discounts?
If you sign up before the 16th of the month, you can start using your discounts as soon as you receive your temporary cards and member handbook in the mail — in about 10 working days.
New members who sign up on the 17th of the month or after can start using their discounts on the 1st of the following month
In a few days after you sign up for Benefit Together, you will receive a confirmation and welcome email and within about a week, you will receive a welcome phone call from us to answer any further questions and help get started.

Q How do I use my discounts?
When you go to a provider, for example a dentist or optometrist, you will show them your Benefit Together card and you will receive the contracted discount at the time you pay for the service.  Providers often call in to verify members’ eligibility before they provide the discount, but they can do that easily.  Please remember that you pay the discounted amount to the provider. When you receive your member handbook shortly after you sign-up, it will have more detailed instructions for each provider and service on how to access the discounts.

Q I went to my provider and he or she never heard of Benefit Together!?
That’s not unusual in a few areas of the country where we don’t have a lot of members yet.  Our provider networks are very large, established national networks, and while your dentist,  vision,  other provider’s office or the doctor may not recognize the name Benefit Together yet, they should know they are part of the network for Aenta Dental Access, VSP Choice Access for vision, or American Specialty Health for Chiropractic, for example.  Their front office people can call the provider network numbers on the back of your card to verify your eligibility.

Q I (or my provider office) called one of the provider numbers on the back of the card and the provider network people didn’t know who Benefit Together was?
That happens sometimes when the different providers have new call representatives or have made some change in their system.  If that occurs, just remind them (or tell the provider office person making the call) that “Benefit Together is group administered by Careington International”.  Network representatives can find your eligibility information if they know that,  your member number, and name.

Q What if I or my provider have questions about whether a discount applies for the service I need?
Either you or your provider can call Member Services at 800-290-0523 to verify the discount. 

Q  Do I have to file any forms to get the savings?
No. There are no forms or other paperwork to file. Providers will give you the discount price at the time of your visit.

Q Can I use my membership when I travel away from home?
Yes, your membership can be used at any participating provider in the United States.

Q How many times can I or my family use the Benefit Together Discount Plan?
There are no restrictions for nearly all of the services included.  Members and their families may use the discounts as many times as needed.  The only exception is for the CallMD doctors by phone service, where you are limited to 12 consultations at no charge per year. In fact, you are encouraged to use all of Benefit Together discounts as often as you want to.  There is no additional cost to you and you save more the more you use your discounts.

Q Can I use Benefit Together for my doctor co-payments?
No, Benefit Together doesn’t discount medical doctor services or include co-pays for dentists or eye doctors.  However,  in some cases you may be able to take advantage of the telephone consultation with a doctor through CallMD, and avoid the co-pay for a visit altogether.  Although CallMD is not a substitute for seeing your doctor when you need to, you can get telephone consultation from a doctor and prescriptions for non-narcotic medications. 

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