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Press & Testimonials

Benefit Together really saved me money at my dentist!

I got laid off and can’t afford the COBRA payments for my dental and vision insurance. I needed a replacement crown and couldn’t wait any longer, and I found Benefit Together. I saw on your website that my existing dentist was covered, so I called the dentist’s office, had them check out Benefit Together and ended up saving a lot.

It was really easy—no claim forms or anything else. It was just like using my [auto club] program. Show the card and you get a better price. I saved $334 off the full price for a crown and buildup ($1,199) that my dentist quoted me.
In one visit I saved enough to pay for Benefit Together for over a year. And it was easy to do!

Sandy B — Winter Garden, FL

My Mom heard about Benefit Together and told me I should check it out

I only have high deductible health insurance. Just can’t afford anything else right now, including dental insurance.
The website was easy to use and had lots of information. I decided for $19.95 a month I’d give it a try, because my son and I both need dental work. It helped to know I can cancel any time I want to.

My son has a couple of baby teeth that broke off, and I wanted my dentist to look at them. I told the dentist I had Benefit Together. They called to check on the program and said I was covered since they’re an Aetna Dental Access provider. My cost went from $115 for the visit to $47. I saved $68!

The dentist gave me a plan for what needs to be done for my son. If we go ahead with it, I’ll save over $300 on a $2,000 bill.
Benefit Together is saving me money. Mom was right, again.

James B. –
Grover Beach CA

 I had a permanent crown loosen. I didn’t know what would need to be done

I contacted my dentist, and told him I have Benefit Together. The office confirmed that he participates in the Aetna program that BT uses and scheduled me for an evaluation.

He said the crown could be recemented. The cost for the evaluation and resetting it went from $150 standard rate to $88 with the Benefit Together discount. Thanks, Benefit Together. I need some additional dental work soon and know I’ll see more savings!

Jason W. — Los Angeles, CA

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